ISI database

ISI database is a center listing and covering the most important scientific journals published worldwide for the exchange of information among various scholars.

Institute for Scientific Information

The number of ISI journals is not constant. In this regard, a journal once considered as an ISI may be eliminated from the list of ISI journals in case of undergoing a decline in scientific quality.
Each scientific journal goes through some steps before being included in the ISI list. The journals are evaluated based on their compliance with ISI database standards, their elected scientific committee, international diversity of their published articles, timely publication, and publication status.
It should be noted that journals are screened based on the fulfillment of all the aforementioned criteria.
As another criterion, the title, abstract, and keywords of the articles published in the journal under evaluation should be in English. It is recommended that the references be written in English as well.  The scientific and Specialized review of the articles published in the journal by well-nown scientific referees is one of the main points of attention of the evaluators, which indicates the scientific credibility and vaidity of the journal.Although important scientific information is published in all languages, the mentioned itemes should be in English in order to be reviewed and evaluated by the ISI.

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