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10 Reasons Why Elsevier Journals Reject Your Article (Final)

Why was my article rejected? Even if your article passes the technical screening stage, you still have something to worry about. Peer reviewers will evaluate your article to make sure you meet the standards of Elsevier journals. It is up to the peer reviewers to identify and review content issues. Some common problems that can Read more about 10 Reasons Why Elsevier Journals Reject Your Article (Final)[…]


Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

COPE stands for “the Committee on Publication Ethics” and is a forum of peer-reviewed journals to talk over matters related to the integrity of the scientific record. COPE encourages editors to report ethical problems in the publication process. In concordance with Elsevier’s commitment to support journal’s editor in controlling the cases of violation of publication Read more about Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)[…]