Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

COPE stands for “the Committee on Publication Ethics” and is a forum of peer-reviewed journals to talk over matters related to the integrity of the scientific record. COPE encourages editors to report ethical problems in the publication process. In concordance with Elsevier’s commitment to support journal’s editor in controlling the cases of violation of publication Read more about Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)[…]

Publication Ethics-(Part3)

Draft Competition There is a competition for drafts when several articles are written on the basis of one study, but two or more authors are involved. The result will be that the authenticity of the study is diminished and the subject of copyright may be lost. When a scientific content has been published in several Read more about Publication Ethics-(Part3)[…]

Publication Ethics-(Part 1)

Unfortunately, unethical research practices and dissemination of the research findings are widespread in the scientific community and are observed in many different shapes and forms. The unethical research behavior, such as spreading misinformation about a formula or making significant changes to the rules could have adverse effects on every subsequent study. The important point is that all researchers tend to use scientifically accepted fundamentals Read more about Publication Ethics-(Part 1)[…]

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