The importance of the Web site in the acceptance process of Scopus

 In the way of Scopus assessment, the journal’s website is the first item where referees check their features.

The importance of the Web site in their acceptance process of ScopusIf referees do not find their favorite information about the journal through its website, they may reject it from coverage by Scopus because of  low quality.

It’s very important to the journal website being clear and easily access and not to be a mix of other publishing products.

Websites should include the following information:

  • Information about the editor in chief and editorial board
  • Names of the editorial board member or members of the International Advisory Group
  • The author’s guide includes the description of steps of the article submission,as well the criteria of journal for submission
  • How is the process of the article reviewing
  • Ethics Guide to Publishing
  • Detailed information on the criteria and value ​​of open access resources
  • How to access the full text of the journal articles
  • Information about the role of publisher for the audience of the publication

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