Scopus is one of the most powerful scientific search engines. This service is the product of Elsevier which is a scientific publisher. A way of searching for scientific articles is to use the powerful search engine of Elsevier Publication called Scopus.

ScopusIt is the largest citation database that includes abstracts, books, and collections of articles in a categorized manner.

This website analyzes a comprehensive collection of research results and globally published articles in the areas of science and technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities in different formats (statistics and visual graphs) with the aid of its intelligent tools.

Scopus provides the users with an opportunity to perform an advanced search among more than 57 million records in its database. Beside the main search section, the search can be limited to thematic codes based on one or a group of authors and the scientific levels. Besides the advanced search features of this powerful search engine, Scopus has provided other features for the exploration of the articles you need. For example, you can activate a feature on this website which gives you a notification for the newly published articles.

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