Some points To express research question

  • Background information on the topic of study
  • The mode of occurrence of problem
  • The extent and severity of the problem and its consequences in the community

To express research question


    Factors involved in the occurrence of a problem


  • How to deal with the current problem
  • What you consider as a solution to the problem
  • The research benefits and expected outcomes resulting from problem solving
  • Purpose: The goal is the point that a researcher intends to reach to discuss on something

Types of purpose

General objective:  It is the subject of the study that is intended to be identified. In other words, what the researchers want to achieve at the end of the study.General objective is usually expressed in an explicit, clear, and concise statement that is readable and comprehensible to the reader.

Specific objective: These goals are obtained by dividing the “main purpose” into smaller components. The specific goals set out to achieve the “main purpose” step by step.

Practical objective: Objectives that are expected to be practically achieved by investigators through performing the research.

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