What is open peer review?

Open peer review refers to evaluating an manuscript by scientists and experts related to a specific scientific field. In other words, we can say that peer review is the process of monitoring an article  manuscript that helps your editors to realize the value and validity of the published  submitted article.

Open peer review is one of the most important factors in formulating an article. Unfortunately, a lot of researchers who already had started the process of publishing articles begin their job without knowing the meaning of peer review. In this part, we are going to elaborate on the concept of this important factor. So, it is important to take into account in order to have an excellent article for publishing.

Why is open peer review important?

Some people might ask why we should use open peer-review for submitted  articles? This approach is used in order to review the concept of the manuscript and, honestly, to ensure its validity. As you know, you need to publish a valid article. With the help of peer review, you are able to ask the opinion of experts in the same field and make sure about the validity of your article. 

Benefits of open peer review

Open peer review has a lot of benefits for your article. So, the best idea is to use this approach in order to be successful in a short time. In this part, you can see some important benefits of using this method.


Have more direct involvement

One of the most important benefits of open peer review is that the author is more directly involved in the review process. Keep in mind that if you do not use this approach, you may not involve in the process of publishing your article if you send your paper to an unknown reviewer. So, this method allows you to directly participate in the process of reviewing.

Collaborating with third-party companies

Another benefit of using open peer review is that you are able to collaborate with third-party companies. In this case, it is possible that your considered company -which is responsible for reviewing your article- asks you to collaborate. This can have a great impact on the interaction with the workflow.

Adding the editor’s name to the article

Last but not least, using open peer review is beneficial for the editors themselves. Depending on the method they use, it is possible that their name will appear on the published article. It doesn’t mean that they become a valid editor and receive credit for the application of their expertise, but it means that they will make sure to review the article to the best of their ability. Additionally, this allows them to carry out a lot of research before making any changes to the article.

In conclusion

Due to many reasons, using open peer review is important for the process of publishing  an article. You can ask different experts and viewers to review the content of your article before publishing and don’t forget its importance to the validity of your article. 

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