Rules for good writing

The researcher should consider three dimensions of the article including content, structure, and writing, Now we are going to examine the general principles of writing that is necessary to be observed in the scientific writing.

Rules for good writing

  • The scientific texts should be brief as much as possible. Therefore, it is essential to avoid making unnecessary quotes, adding emotional expressions, and exaggeration.
  • It is important not to use ambiguous, complex, and intangible phrases.
  • Long paragraphs and sentences should be avoided.
  • The content should be simple, clear, attractive, and explicitly stated.
  • When quoting the content, it is necessary to mention the exact reference. However, in this case you should not to go to extremes.
  •  Each paragraph of content should be allocated to a specific issue.
  • Do not utilize synonyms to increase the volume of content.
  • It is necessary to avoid the extreme use of prepositions and conjunction in the text.
  • It is necessary to avoid the use of inappropriate, and folk and obscene words, as well as abusive phrases.

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