Declaration of Helsinki

Regarding the ethical issues in research, this Declaration was first adopted by the World Medical Association in 1964 at Helsinki to guide the biomedical researchers working with human participants. There were some modifications to the Declaration of Helsinki and the final revision was made in 2000 in Scotland. During 2002 and 2004, two clauses were added to two principles in this declaration. This declaration includes 32 articles in 3 sections. The following part explains some of the principals mentioned in the Declaration of Helsinki. 

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  1. Any biomedical research on human participants should be in line with accepted principals of a scientific study and based on laboratory experiments on animals. 
  2. Any experimental research on human participants should be meticulously explained in a research protocol, and an independent research committee should evaluate that research protocol.
  3. Biomedical research should be conducted by qualified scientific researchers and under the supervision of an expert physician
  4. Biomedical research on human participants is legal only if the purpose of the study is of significant importance.
  5. Confidentiality of the participants should be guaranteed in the conducted study to avoid any mental, physical, or personal harm.
  6. The obtained results of the study should be in accordance with the principals of the Declaration of Helsinki; otherwise, the results are not allowed to be published.
  7. The consent form should be obtained from all the investigated participants without imposing any pressure on them.
  8. Any experimental research should provide proper diagnoses and therapeutics procedures for all the participants, including the controls.
  9. Physicians can employ their own medical treatment along with the experimental method only if it helps the participants.
  10. Any biomedical research on human participants should prioritize the participants rather than social or scientific considerations.

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