How long does it take to review an article in a journal?

First of all, if you send an article to a credible journal, you should know that the review process is long. Therefore, it is recommended to be patient and avoid hasty actions (e.g., calling and sending email to the journal office regularly).

How long does it take to review an article in a journal?The best strategy to find out the average time of review and acceptance of an article in the journals is to refer to the dates of submission, revision, and acceptance, which are included in the published articles in the majority of the journals. So one can estimate the approximate time of the review process by considering these certain dates. Furthermore, the papers of higher scientific values are prioritized over others by the editors.

You may submit two manuscripts with different scientific levels at the same time to a high-rank journal, but the editor put the one with higher quality in the first priority of reviewing. Note that the credibility of the author is also effective in expediting the process of publishing an article. Certainly, those with a higher academic position who have published articles in the same journal or worked as a reviewer in the journal are placed in the top priority. Although this kind of prioritization is not definite and official, it has a psychological effect.

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