How to Select a Translation Service for Your Academic Paper

Over the years, English has become the unofficial lingua franca of the research community. Unfortunately, the articles written in languages other than English are read by fewer people. But this gap between English and non-English articles can be bridged. Today you can easily find many translation service providers online. However, translating academic papers requires a different set of skills than regular translation.

The following is a list of factors that you should consider as a researcher when choosing a translation service for your article.

1. Subject Specialist Translators: Writing a scientific article is very specialized. The article includes hypotheses, complex theories, scientific principles, and speculation. If you want to translate your article into another language, the main purpose of your research must be maintained in the translated version. Different audiences should not infer different meanings from your article. Therefore, you should look for translation service providers that specialize in that area. For a first-class translation, it is essential for the translator working on your research to understand your research and the concepts you have mentioned. A routine method that is used by everyone will not give you the desired result.

2. Quality: Having a translator who specializes in the subject is not a guarantee for high-quality translation. The translated article should be reviewed by someone fluent in both the source and target languages to see if the translated version conveys your hypothesis, conclusions, and inferences correctly. This evaluation is necessary because translating some terms or theories into another language requires specialized knowledge in that field. After checking the translation, English editing should be done to check the grammar and make sure it is correct. Last but not least, the edited article should be checked to make sure it meets all your requirements.

3. Translation service: If you do not know how a translation service works or what you expect, in the first call, state what you want and need so that the service provider will clearly explain the work process to you and offer you the best choice. If you have additional questions, they should be answered within that business day, preferably within a few hours. A good translation service provider should deliver the services based on your request.

4. Security and confidentiality: You must submit your article for translation and editing to a reputable and reliable institution. Your scientific paper is the result of months and years of research and must be handled carefully. The translation service provider should assure you that your article is safe with them.

5. Post-translation support: Translation is a collaborative process between author and translator. An institution that provides high-quality translation services offers post-translation support where you can share your concerns with the translator.

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