Quick reference guide: EndNote software

EndNote is one of the main widely used tools and one of the most comprehensive softwares in terms of document and resource management in research process developed by Thomson Reuters.


Quick reference guide: EndNote software

This software can be used:

  • To archive the data and research drafts separately
  • To create citation and reference lists accurately according to International Guidelines
  • To search through well-grounded research sources worldwide
  • To store and archive non-textual data, such as images, tables and charts

Other features include:

  • Creation of a database for storing, archiving and retrieving digital information
  • Making relationship with the largest well-grounded research sources worldwide and having access to scientific manuscripts indexed in international data bases
  • Providing the list of sources and references with 2300 international standards
  • Updating information along with online communication with electronic resources
  • Entering data manually
  • Saving and organizing the data of the manuscripts and dissertations, such as images, captions, and tables

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