Reviewing the available resources and information (Part1)

It is a part of dissertation with two main parts.

A: The history of keywords

B: Browsing the available papers and theses

 Reviewing the available resources and informationThe purpose and importance of reviewing available resources and information:

It is obvious that one of the important points at the beginning of the study is considering the research background because the past experiences pave the way for future studies, and countless uses can be made from the previous records and articles.

According to the previous studies, repetitions can be avoided and past experience and implementation problems can be used to achieve the desired results.

Past studies can also be helpful in determining the importance and severity of the issue and clarify various aspects of the study. The research background also provides an opportunity to point out other possible methods in which the study is conducted.

The content of the resource review section and available information:

The resource review section consists of two parts, namely the history and review of the articles. The writing method of the history section has already been explained. In reviewing articles and research theses, it is important to note a few points:

  1. Given that in textbooks references the sole principles of the subject are investigated, they should only be used to mention invoked cases, such as the related side effects and outbreaks.
  2. The utilized articles should be the best, most relevant and up-to-date articles. Note that the best papers are those that met the principles of research methodology. To find the relevant articles, if there is paper with the same title as the subject it is the best, otherwise, an article should be used, including the keywords related to the subject that are

After finding the papers from various sources, the most authoritative ones should be selected in terms of the study setting, author, and methodology, and then the following three processes are carried out on the chosen articles:

  • Introduction
  • Resource
  • Review

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