How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?

Most researchers believe that plagiarism can never be accepted. They also agree that some types of plagiarism are more serious than others. For example, complete plagiarism is when a person takes a project or article written by another person and submits it as their own name. This is more serious than accidental plagiarism, in which Read more about How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?[…]

The Effect of Self-Retraction on the Researchers’ Career?

What would you do if you realize that you made a mistake in the process of the research you had conducted which undermines the results of your published paper. This could be an error in labeling. Therefore, the cell lines you worked on were not the ones you believed to be. You think about the Read more about The Effect of Self-Retraction on the Researchers’ Career?[…]