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Social Media for Promoting Your Research

Using social media is an effective way for promoting your research since it allows you to have a direct access to your audience and offers a great platform to improve your journal’s profile. Your subject expertise, as an editor or author, enables you to promote your paper on social media. The following five tips give Read more about Social Media for Promoting Your Research[…]

How Social Media Promotion Can Increase Research Citation?

Social media enable the people all around the world to have access to endless information, entertainment, news and many other subject matters. The use of social media has increased up to 65% by the year 2015. This has increasingly become important in academic community. Social media has turned to an essential means for the promotion Read more about How Social Media Promotion Can Increase Research Citation?[…]


What is Altmetrics?

Altmetrics is the abbreviation of Alternative Metrics, meaning alternate scales. The aim of Altmetrics is to measure web based research interactions including issues such as how a research gets tweeted or blogs are written about them or even gets bookmarked. As is evident by the name, Altmetrics is creation and study of new scales based Read more about What is Altmetrics?[…]

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