What is Mendeley Software?

Mendeley is a reference manager and scientific social network that helps you organize your research and collaborate with other people online. It also assists you in finding the latest scientific research papers. This software has some powerful features that we will introduce in this article.


Mendeley is a reference management software that is able to cooperate with Office software in a variety of environments. It helps the researchers to write the references of their papers quickly and easily. To do this, you only need to simply install the desired Office software plugin through the Tools menu in Mendeley Software. Then you will be able to write your references in the Office software. It also features over 1,000 reference styles, such as APA, Harvard, and IEEE.

Reading PDF files and Adding Notes to Them

Mendeley software allows you to attach to it the PDF files of any articles you insert into your database. This allows you to view the files in the software and make notes on them. You can also share these notes with other people who use this software.

Adding and Organizing PDF Files

You can import PDF files from the internet, computer memory, or other reference management software, such as Endnote into Mendeley. Moreover, it has the ability to automatically review your files and extract library information from your articles, such as the article titles, authors’ names, journal titles, and year of publication. It also enables you to search your keywords in the text of all the articles.

Sharing Articles and Notes

You should create an account in Mendeley where you can share your articles and notes with the people you want. In Mendeley, you can create team programs, build secret teams for the conduction of research projects, and get information from other team members.

Searching for Articles and Public Groups

Mendeley lets you search for public scientific groups and use their information, or search for new scientific colleagues around the world for your research. Mendeley also provides full-text search in millions of scientific articles.

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