How to calculate the h-index

The h- index is calculated based on the set of the scientists’ most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications.

How to calculate the h-index?The h-index can be calculated manually as follows:

  1. Search the desired author’s name
  2. Order the list of author’s publications from the largest to the lowest value by the number of citations these publications received.
  3. Compare the number of publications and the number of citations to the extent that the number of citations is equal to or more than the publications
  4. The acquired result indicates the h-index. It should be mentioned that the accurate calculation of the h-index depends on the comprehensiveness of the target database.

The most important databases for calculating h-index are:

  1. Google Scholar: Click on the citation and log in to your profile search engine. Enter the author’s name in the search box and see the result.
  2. Scopus: Enter the author’s name in the search box of the homepage. Click on the author’s name and the citations. The required information and the h-index will be displayed in the upper right corner.
  3. ISI: Enter the author’s name in the ISI database, select the author’s name and click on the citation in the results section, then the h-index and all citations will be displayed.

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