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Virtual Defense: Tips for Successfully Defending Your Thesis Online

Defending a master’s or doctoral thesis is an important event that you have been anticipating for years. This is the day you want to proudly share your work with anyone who has been a part of this adventure. Supervisors and colleagues are eager to hear the main applications and key concepts of your research. Everything Read more about Virtual Defense: Tips for Successfully Defending Your Thesis Online[…]


How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?

Most researchers believe that plagiarism can never be accepted. They also agree that some types of plagiarism are more serious than others. For example, complete plagiarism is when a person takes a project or article written by another person and submits it as their own name. This is more serious than accidental plagiarism in which Read more about How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?[…]


How do Find the Perfect Research Co-author?

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of articles written by several authors in various academic disciplines. The knowledge that is shared in teams expands the scope of science. Collaborating and co-writing with other researchers has many benefits. For instance, it makes the research more efficient because each writer brings his/her expertise into Read more about How do Find the Perfect Research Co-author?[…]

citation generators

Are Online Citation Generators Useful?

When preparing a manuscript, a citation generator can help you create a list of references and citations based on your preferred style. Scientific research is sometimes based on the findings of previous research. There are various online citation generators, such as Easybib, Bibme, and Cite This For Me. Aside from original research, review articles can Read more about Are Online Citation Generators Useful?[…]

research methodology

What is Research Methodology?

Research methodology is defined as a systematic way to solve a research problem by collecting data using various techniques, providing an interpretation of the collected data, and drawing conclusions about the research data. A research method is fundamentally the blueprint of the research or study. Methodology vs. Methods “Methodology” and “methods” are mistaken for each Read more about What is Research Methodology?[…]

Fast Publication

Need Fast Publication? Read This Article

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the need for fast publication of papers was felt more urgent than before. There are obvious benefits to publishing research results as soon as possible. For instance, researchers can share important discoveries with each other and with the general public around the world. At best they can help the efforts made Read more about Need Fast Publication? Read This Article[…]

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